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    Repository error in ubuntu

    It may help to see the list of repositories you are using. This should show them: grep ^[^#] /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* or this: sudo grep -Erh ^deb /etc/apt/sources.list*
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    Problems installing Ubuntu on Lenovo Ideapad 5

    Check your BIOS to see which disk the machine is trying to boot from.
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    Repository error in ubuntu

    Change your repository information to point to different repository mirrors and try again. There are very many to choose from. Check your internet connection.
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    PC stopped during Kali Linux Installation What can I do now?

    Obtain a bootable USB of a 'Live' Linux distro - NOT Kali ! Boot the machine from the Live USB. It should boot even if there is no operating system on the internal hard drive. Install Linux from there. If it does not boot you may have other issues such as catastrophic hardware failure or a...
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    Hey, study, work hard, and practice, practice,practice!
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    Let's build a list of Linux-compatible computers

    It's a good idea - the problem is the "vast" variation in computer builds. Have you ever perused the lists of various computer models on the manufacturers support sites? The same model machine manufactured by the same company may be available with a great many variations/options - each requiring...
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    Do i need antivirus in Arcolinux?

    It really depends on how you use your computer which is running Linux. There are many, many 'security' practices which will mitigate the risk of malware infection which do not require an "antivirus/anti-malware" software application. I am not favorably disposed towards those who proclaim "I've...
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    How would I undo or reverse an echo command?

    I don't think you would have to "undo" an echo command. "Echo" just shows in your Terminal whatever it is that you "echoed". It does not do anything to your sound. Just hit 'enter' and keep going - no harm, no foul.
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    Acer C720 chrome book driver support

    You probably will not find a Linux distro .iso for a specific brand and model of laptop (Acer C720 for example). What you most likely will find is a Linux distro intended for a category of machine - such as 32bit, 64bit, PowerPC, etc., etc. IMHO the easiest way to determine what will and will...
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    Audacity installation not going well

    When using Synaptic Package Manager the software packages marked for installation will not show up in your Downloads folder. The packages will be installed by placing the software bits and pieces in the appropriate locations. Have you checked your Applications Menu and verified that the package...
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    Linux mint cinnamon how to reset panel settings default?

    @ArdaKC Have you tried what @stan mentioned in post #5? Very simple and easy and worth a try I should think.
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    Replace Vista on Old Computer with Linux Ubuntu

    1.) You should start your own thread with this question. 2.) It sounds like you may be trying to install onto the DVD in the optical drive. When you run the installer make sure you are selecting the hard disk drive. 3.) From the 'Live' Ubuntu disk run 'G-Parted' and verify your partition layout.
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    New user saying hello :)

    Hello! :)
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    New Linux user from NYC

    Hey - I like wild Maine blueberries too! :)