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    Frustrated, as in steam pouring out of my ears!

    Try writing down the password. The password MUST be entered exactly as when it was created. Upper and lower case must be correct. Empty spaces are very much frowned upon. You do not mention which version of Linux Mint Cinnamon you are working with but I think I recall reading something...
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    Greetings Fellow Linux Enthusiasts!

    IRC Many Linux distros make use of Internet Relay Chat. Check it out.
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    Help an old fart!

    My thoughts exactly @f33dm3bits ! I'm not doing their homework for them.
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    can i immediately install os such as linux for example after use DBAN to wipe all my data ?

    Yes you can. The drive you wiped with DBAN will likely need to be formatted & re-partitioned but the installer application of your Linux distro of choice should offer to do this during the installation process.
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    I like it. Kind of 'other-worldly' with a bit of misty mystery. Very nice! :cool:
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    I like a dark theme because it is easier on my eyes. :cool:
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    The screen is shaking on an old laptop

    Actually, this is a good point. Try plugging in an external monitor and see if the issue persists.
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    Curtin Hooks (Not Misspelled)

    Yes, it is very eye-catching! Sorry I do not have an answer :(
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    Display DNS cache

    Excellent question about DNS Cache! Thanks for bringing it up. I don't have an answer - but an observation. When you visit a site from a month ago, is it possible that your machine reaches out to the nearest DNS Resolver and refreshes the local DNS Cache? This would happen very quickly...
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    Linux Privacy Manager is needed

    Yes. There is. It is called "the user".
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    Can't Delete Downloaded Files

    How much (or little) free space is there on that hard drive? The first screenshot you posted shows "Cannot move file to trash, do you want to delete immediately? The file "Jami" cannot be moved to trash." Have you tried selecting "delete immediately" from that dialog box? Also, what does the...
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    Commands log format - Has the commands log been edited?

    Yes. But we had to start somewhere as there in not enough information provided. This would be a very good place to start also. It would seem that you really do not have enough information to start making accusations. Step by step through a process of elimination is how I would approach it.
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    Commands log format - Has the commands log been edited?

    Try running users and see what is returned
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    Do you mean like "emotional support" ? ;)
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    New build - linux distros crashing in live usb environment

    Some Linux kernel versions are known to have issues with the Ryzen 5. I think it is the 5.4.* series of kernels but don't quote me on that. May be worth looking into.