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    Tried POP20,back to Mint20

    Often times freezing is a video card driver issue. Not sure how well Pop works on system 76 as I don't have one of those handy.
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    pen testing from slackware

    Thanks for posting Pat's message.
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    The main question is - is it possible?

    I'm not entirely sure if you can since you only have one ip address. These links may enlighten you: HTH
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    pen testing from slackware

    Slackware always had everything I needed when I was running it. Is Pat developing Slackware 15 now?
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    Kali Linux 2020.1 WIFI issues

    Have a look here.
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    How to create Linux USB from ISO in OSX High Sierra?

    Unpacking the .iso will not be effective as it will only show all of the files that make up the .iso. The distribution has to be made bootable. I don't recommend Unetbootin. The last 3 times I tried to use it was broken. If Etcher doesn't work try Rufus. See here...
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    Help installing Linux on an old ASUS E200H (possible/reliable?)

    If all else fails try running Antix. It was designed for older computers.
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    Late To The Game

    Here's a few links on how to change your password.
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    Late To The Game

    Congrads on your tripe boot! FWIW, I have a triple booted system: on a Asus Tuf Gaming Desktop: Manjaro, Debian 10 Buster and Linux Mint 19.3. The only way I was able to get this rig to run and boot correctly was to allow Manjaro to have the power over the bootloader. Now all 3 distro's boot...
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    How long do you guys think it would take to become proficient in Linux, get Linux certs?

    To get something you never had you have to do something you never did:-
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    What browser do you use

    I think there was another thread like this one because I couldn't find my post.
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    Is Linux more secure than Windows and if so why?

    Windows has a registry and Linux does not. Big security risk IMO:-
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    How long do you guys think it would take to become proficient in Linux, get Linux certs?

    The book that comes to mind is the Red Hat Study Guide that has Exams and Questions in it. BTW, the last time I checked on the Red Hat Linux Exams they start at about $700.00. Each person is different when it comes to...
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    which Linux for what desktop

    You're welcome- Happy building!
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    Question about running program shortcuts (Ubuntu 20.04)

    Again w/o the desktop entry for each program and the path to it (folder you have the program in on the desktop) the program probably won't launch. I don't know any other way to do this but what I've shared with you already, sorry. Maybe our Moderator: Wizardfromoz will have other suggestions.