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Xorg. 2 monitors, 2 videocards, 2 different drivers


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May 24, 2020
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Hello, linux.org
I have some problems setting up an X server. I have two video cards Rx590 (primary) and gt710 (secondary). I had the idea to configure them in one single display so that you could work with it if everything was connected to one video card. The easiest way I found is to add the "Xinerama" option to "ScreenLayout", but I ran into the problem of launching full-screen applications. Is there a way to force 2 "screens" to be added to one "virtual", but to make sure that when starting full-screen applications everything works so that the main video card becomes rx590, and gt710 just stays on and processes something without touching the rx590 screen.
While I used Arch Linux, the following xorg.conf config helped me: "https://pastebin.com/0ySkMfVb", perhaps Arch Linux has packages in its arsenal that can make Xserver run 2 video cards in one screen.
If I use Arch config, then X can't start.
But if I select one screen for the rx590 graphics card, and for gt710, one of the screens will not display my WM and there will be an "X" instead of the cursor
xrandr --screen 0 - detect the first video card
xrandr --screen 1 - detect a second video card

Is there any way to bring this into proper form?

VoidLinux, I use translator.

Guys, I founded problem solution. Just want to send to terminal "xrandr --setprovideroutputsource 1 0". "1" and "0" number of provider in "xrandr --listproviders". May be it's help anybody

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