Windows 10 bootable USB


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Linux mint 19.2 is already installed on my system but some of my softwares doesn't work with linux so i tried to install Winodws 10 from bootable USB but my USB is not getting detected at the start of the system whereas i tried linux mint bootable USB it was getting detected. Is it because of updating kernel while mint installation? i have already set boot priority to USB FDD.


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1) How did you make the Windows 10 bootable USB and does it work on a different computer?

You probably can't make a good Windows 10 USB using unetbootin or etcher on Linux. It needs woeUSB. on Linux.

2) What does not work on Linux Mint?
1)I made bootable usb simply from disk image mounter and i tried that on my friend's computer it was working.
2)keil, microchip and itunes doesn't work with linux.


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I had the same trouble. When I got my laptop, I wiped out WIndows completely. I later decided I wanted it for a game and created a USB stick with the install on it. Oddly the laptop would not recognize this USB drive no matter what I did (except for 1 thing). I don't remember why I tried this, but I went into the bios and set the secure boot to yes and then the USB stick magically started working. Don't forget to return the setting to no or disabled when you're done.

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