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Will Asus mg248qr (monitor) work with linux?


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Jan 14, 2019
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As the title says, does this monitor work with linux just fine as in windows? Like changing game modes, brightness a.s.o on the monitor settings.

G'day @Freez and welcome to linux.org :)

Our site name may confuse, we are not directly associated with Linux, and we don't have a database from which we can pluck the information you ask.

So simple answer is we would not have a clue. :confused:

Your best bet is to arm yourself with a USB stick or two, download a Linux .iso of the one/s you want to try and burn them one at a time to the stick/s.

Then you boot the computer and enter your Setup and change the boot order to boot the USB first, and enter the Live environment. From there you can see how your Monitor, graphics, wifi, &c, go.

Ask any questions, and take a look at our new Gaming section here, for ideas - https://www.linux.org/forums/linux-gaming.202/


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G'day @Freez , I am going to move this Thread to hardware too cater to your Monitor issue, and then carve off your last two Posts, which are Gaming specific and set up a Thread for you at Gaming.

If I cannot attribute your name to it, I will direct answers to you.

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