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I am trying to expand my IT horizion I have serveral options I have a 2gb mac 10.4 (Tiger) and a few Windows XP systems

So heres my questions:

  • I dont want to just go with Ubuntu because it's popular which distro one is more App/Wep Developer orriented
  • Should I install it on the Tiger Mac or a XP pc would I get better performance out of either
  • Would dual boot if I can but dont need to would a dual boot effect performance
  • I would like to start with one more comand prompt orriented and a gui is there one that offers both or which ones offer both



  • Don't dismiss Ubuntu just because it is popular. It has programs available for App/Web Development.
  • You tell us the Mac has 2Gb of RAM but you don't tell us how much RAM the XPs have. RAM is probably the biggest determinant, then speed of the processor.
  • Dual boot will not affect performance. It gives you one OS or the other, not both at the same time.
  • You could just install the "base" of something like Debian Slackware, and not X, which will give you Text only, or you could issue the command init 3 in most distros (This will initiate level 3 which is Text instead of init 5 which is GUI.)


Why just one, burn some live CDs and try out a few for yourself.

Ubuntu and its offshoots (Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Mint, etc.) are popular for the Software Availability/Repositories, works with lots of hardware and large community for help.

OpenSUSE and CentOS/Fedora are worth looking at also.

As mentioned, would help to know all the specifications of the computers.

Harikrishnan R

You can dismiss Ubuntu because it is buggy, not because its popular. Using a popular linux distro doesn't make you a novice in any way :p
If you are planning to start with a command prompt, you might need a good amount of Linux terminal knowledge. Arch linux is a good distro that has only command prompt. It is also very lightweight and requires less resources. I tried arch and gave up halfway.


I have several dells D800's pentium m processors from 512mb - 3gb ram and 1.5 - 2.4 gh processor no dual core and hp elitebook 8530 that i will be adding 2-4 gb ram and a processor to it will be at least 2.0 and at least a dual core.
The mac is 2.4 not a dual core
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