What hardware do I need If I want to use only Free software?


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I found a Debian news article from 2014 that lead me to an FSF database. I put it here for anyone interested and for further discussion.

I'm interested for laptops and 3g USBs

and the FSF database lead me here:
we really need to talk about this
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For your graphics card you will need an AMD Radeon(or Intel probably), I would just do a search for opensource/free drivers for each hardware component in the system your are going to put together. The other option is to buy a System76 and select the hardware components you want, some of their systems even come with an opensource BIOS(Coreboot). I would think you could write them an e-mail telling you want a system with hardware that runs only on free software and drivers, I'm sure they would be willing to help you out to help select the hardware parts that allow you to run a system on only free software.

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