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what dockingstation do you use?


Dec 30, 2021
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i am not lucky with my Dockingstation, and, this is my fault, the poweroutput of my Dockingstation is not powerfull enough.

so what do you use as a dockingstation or what would you suggest me to bay?

the Poweroutput of the Dockingstation should be at least 70W and should have 3 Video Output and some USB Port and would be nice to for the SD Card.

have a nice day

i am the only one to need more then a monitor?
Hello @Lord Boltar
had some mail with Anker support - they say the do not support Linux.
You will find a lot of things say they do not support Linux but that does not mean it won't work on Linux - It's not so much that Linux is bad with hardware, it's that hardware vendors are bad with Linux. Lack of support is the fault of hardware manufacturers, not Linux. So like many Linux users if they have issues they go to the various Linux forums for help - I use an Anker 7 port USB hub 3.0 with my Linux but the specs say Windows or MAC no mention of Linux but it works just fine
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@Lord Boltar
i know what you mean - i just asked befor spending 450 Dollar for nothing
i would be killed at home doing this ;-)
@Lord Boltar i got a Anker at home Model A8392
Anker 575 USB-C Docking Station (13-in-1)
and yes Linux recognise now both Monitor but one keep blank.
on the Monitor setup all are active but still a monitor looks like would get Information because the Monitor is active but black
have a nice day
Cool after more then 15 Minute the second Monitor came up, why it took so long it's a linux mistery
Less fun - after another 20 minute go black again ;-(
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and after I got a correct cable, the 3 Monitor is up and running smooth!

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