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what do they mean when they say nocodecs?

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by enhu, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. enhu

    enhu Guest

    I wanna know what they mean just when I download this CD that I have which says Linux Mint 12 "Lisa" - CD no codecs. I have once installed it but reformat once again my PC for i think there is an error.

    What do i need to do after the fresh installation as it says no codecs.?

  2. grim76

    grim76 Guest

    Codecs typically refer to the items necessary to play certain multimedia files (MP3, wmv, mkv, etc....). Some distributions release with those included and many others require that you add them after the fact.

    Typically the distributions have a secondary repository that include those items if you need them. I am on Fedora and RPM based distributions for the most part and not as familiar with Mint.
  3. As grim said, codecs are pieces of software required to decode and play some multimedia files such as MP3s and DVDs. Many distributions don't ship with them because they're not open source.
  4. klseetharam

    klseetharam Guest

    I have installed fedora 18.
    Can you please tell me how i can play mp3 files and DVDs?
  5. arochester

    arochester Guest

  6. Artim

    Artim Guest

    Multimedia codecs are encumbered by patents, so it's illegal in alot of countries to distribute them, even in a free operating system.

    But in Mint and Ubuntu, adding the codecs is super-easy! Just open Synaptic Package Manager and scroll down the list of software. Find the package called ubuntu-restricted-extras and click to Mark for Installation. Then click the Apply button at the top of the window and it will grab those codecs from the server and install them for you!


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