What distro fro advanced?


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I'm experienced in Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat, Gentoo and Slackware distribution but I don't know what to choose. I need something with new software allowing me using newest facilities of technology and new kernel (for some reason kernel between 2.8-3.4 doesn't work with my laptop). Actually all except Fedora has to old software. But Fedora... well it has some issues. I fill bit like beta tester a specially after Fedora updates. I try also FreeBSD but it has also old stuff. I don't know other distros. I would like to have new kernel and new system software in repos - both can be vanilia sources - and I want someone/system tracking security issues for me. That's all. I can compile most applications on my own. Could you please advice me something? I was even thinking of creating own distro but spending time on security issues tracking could be difficult and time consuming. Or may I'm wrong (I'm not familiar with topic)? Maybe there are just few things to check somewhere on internet site to ensure that system has no security bugs? Anyway any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance for help.



Hmm, from what I understand you, you should install Arch. Open Suse is great too. Or Linux from scratch. Check them out. Hope this helps.


When you used Debian was it the stable release? If so, you might want to try using Debian Sid - its unstable version. New upstream versions go here before going into testing. I personally use Debian Sid with the latest Siduction kernel (currently 3.8). This gets you very recent software releases.


look at siduction, as well. smxi script (are you familiar with it?) allows adding Liquorix kernel sources, for one.

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