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What computer do you have?

Discussion in 'General Computing' started by agoodwriter, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. ljepilo

    ljepilo Guest

    I have a HP 550 laptop.This was my only laptop so far. I have been using it for 3 years now,and I never had any sorts of problems with it.HP makes the best laptops in the world !

  2. Famous

    Famous Guest

    Custom built. Have had it for quite a while now, so i need to improve some parts. Here are my specs
    CPU: Intel core i7-2600K @ 3.4 ghz
    GPU: AMD radeon HD 6570 1GB ( Will improve this later)
    RAM: 4GB DDR3 (Will upgrade to 8 later)
    Power supply: 650W
    OS: Windows 7 home premium.
    1.5TB hard disk.
  3. GGGuardian

    GGGuardian Guest

    I personally have a Acer Aspire 6930. 5 years old and still runs like a champ! :)
  4. ljepilo

    ljepilo Guest

    Your custom built pc is really a good one, I don't think you need to improve parts for another 2 years or so :$...
  5. mudrock

    mudrock Guest

    I am using a Hp probook 4530 for home and work and a macbook pro for home. The probook has better specs than the macbook pro. Both have had their share of small issues but both have been reliable enough for me.
  6. ljepilo

    ljepilo Guest

    Wait is the 4530 newer version than 550?
  7. mudrock

    mudrock Guest

    The 550 was released in 2008, you stated you have yours for about 3 years. The probook 4530 has came out in 2011 and has only been around for about 10 months.
  8. JimBobIII

    JimBobIII Guest

    I didn't mention it earlier on, but in addition to my laptop, I've also got a fairly low-end gaming desktop. The shell and some other bits are from an HP that was originally designed as a Vista Business machine, but over the last three years or so I've modded it to the point that most of the original hardware's gone.
  9. boyce

    boyce Guest

    I have sony vaio laptop.It is costly, but very light to pick ,smooth touch pad,long battery , and superb sound quality and easy to handle.
  10. kimipatel

    kimipatel Guest

    I have desktop computer.
    I have LG LED 20"inch Monitor.
    Processor-Intel(R), Pentium(R)4 CPU 3.00GHZ
    RAM; 2.GB
    Hard disk 500 GB
  11. jubbly

    jubbly Guest

    I have a Compaq Presario CQ61 222SA laptop. 4GB Ram, 160 GB HDD, T4200 dual core Pentium.

    Very nice laptop for the price.
  12. mishell

    mishell Guest

    It is an old computer and I am considering to change a new Dell.

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