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VPS or Dedicated

Discussion in 'Web Server' started by MustangV10, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. MustangV10

    MustangV10 Guest

    Personally I'm just as happy with a VPS as I would be with a dedicated server, simply because VPS' are cheaper, the network is managed for you and some VPS' have better specs than cheap dedi's.

    What do you think?

  2. gcawood

    gcawood Guest

    It entirely depends on your application. If you are hosting sites that require lots of disk space, or have heavy disk i/o, then VPS is a bad choice and you are better off with a dedicated server. Likewise, if you host applications that have heavy memory use, then VPS isn't the best solution.

    However, if you host lots of small, lightweight applications that need to be in their own environment for security purposes, or if you are hosting a bunch of small shared hosting accounts, then VPS is an excellent choice.

    CPU - VPS is normally better under average conditions.
    Disk - Dedicated servers are better
    Memory - Dedicated servers are better
    Backup - VPS is better
    Redundancy (High Availability )- VPS is better, but it requires enterprise class VPS software like the Citrix XenServer Enterprise and a SAN

    In my opinion, most small offices have way to many servers, and their hardware is greatly underutilized. Therefore you can get a much better bang for you buck if you run one or two high quality VPS servers and let them run your whole network.
  3. MustangV10

    MustangV10 Guest

    Yes, I totally agree. For our main website over at www.astoundinghost.com - we use a VPS for it, since there's no point in paying for a dedicated server when it only has that one site on it. We use dedicated servers for our client sites.

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