Use ssh connection as normal sftp connection to edit files in editor



Hi all,

I am fairly new to using the command line and have a question about editing/saving files.

I have used Terminal to ssh into the secured server at my work form home: (ignore ................... had to use these instead of urls to not upset linuxforum)

 ssh -p 22774 myname........... -L 22775:..............:22774

From there i have used the following command to access the server which the files are stored on:

 ssh -p 22774 admin...............

I am now able to browse files etc..

I need to make quite a lot of changes to certain files as I am styling pages/ editing the MVC framework etc...

Is is possible to use this established connection like i would normally do thorough SFTP? I have Terminal, Sublime Text & Coda 2 that I can use but not too sure where to go from here really?

Thanks for help with this.



So you're opening a connection to an internet facing pc and then using that to open a connection to a machine on the local network?

If so you could try mounting the local machine on your internet facing pc using something like sshfs.

Then access your internet facing machine via sftp.

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