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USB Over Network for Windows/Linux


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I need to plug my USB device in my windows machine and have it read/accessed by the client which is a linux machine without the client knowing it is not local.

I have found the USB/IP Project which only supports linux as the server.

I have also found commercial products that provides the windows to be the server such as:

But I am looking for a free stable project.


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I don't believe this is the correct forum for your request. You're asking for something for Windows, while this is a Linux forum. With that said, I don't know if you're going to find such a product as a standalone product. I think what you need to do is to create a file share on Windows, using your USB device (not sure how that would work since it's removable) and then on Linux install Samba and set it up to connect to said Windows share.


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Which Windows version @Eska ?

And welcome to linux.org :)

Chris Turner


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Can probably use a raspberry pi with the usb-drive connected to, then connect it to your network and enable zsh on the pi, then you can access via a scp client at your pi and your storage.


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Thanks Mate.

When I was in my final months with Windows 7 before embracing a totally Linux environment (this back around this time in 2014), I found the people at sevenforums.com to be particularly friendly and helpful, and not discriminating because I was going to Linux.

The Win 10 equivalent is


... so you might try asking them a few questions.

Bear in mind we are not mindreaders (well I am, but I'm a Wizard), so if you get info from them and want to check with us whether it will work, bring it back



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