USB Linux Boot - Ventoy

You are very welcome. Just remember, there are no Old Geezers here, just people who want to know something about Linux. Everyone is a newbie at everything at some point. Live and learn, and become wise.

@Jarret B - Jarret just an FYI on updating Ventoy that is already on a stick.

This may have changed since you first began.

In #1, you said, in part

NOTE: If a new version of Ventoy is downloaded, you can run it the same way and the program will detect that the USB Stick is already a Ventoy drive. Once detected, you will be prompted to update the Ventoy files on the USB Stick. Any files already on the device will not be erased or changed.

That has changed.

You now need to use the following command to update

sudo ./ -u /dev/sdx

... that is, change the i to a u

I updated from v1.095 to 1.096 today and found this.


BTW - if following my previous post you receive an error when trying to access the stick, reboot your computer to have the updated software fully operational.


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