USB device enumeration failure in windows 10

Vini Gajjar

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Hello folks,

I have been working on a "up squared" board running ubuntu 16.04 LTS with kernel version 4.15
The board has an OTG 3.0 USB, which I want to use in device mode using the g_mass_storage driver.

The problem I face is the up squared board is successfully detected as mass storage device in Linux and
Windows 7 machines . But the device fails to be recognized in windows 10.

In detail.
The device fails at the enumeration process, as when the host systems asks for usb_device_descriptors ,
in the enumeration process, the bLength and bDescriptorType are returned "0" from the device side.

Thus, the device is reported as "Unrecognized" which the user is notified about.

I'll be glad if you folks can help me with this

Thank you,



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G'day @Vini Gajjar and welcome to :)

This question is beyond my paygrade but you might have to explain a little more how it relates to being a Linux question?

Have you tried the folks at ?

Cheers and good luck

Chris Turner

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