UHD630 - Issues Solved?


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I noticed this review on Amazon for the i9 9900, from 2018:

"First time I've had to struggle with video and ethernet drivers on Linux due to Intel's increasing focus on proprietary Windows-only supported chipsets and drivers. Google Intel UHD 630 Linux support. Very iffy. Involves changing grub menus, kernels, installing various drivers, and then it may or may not work depending on your flavor of Linux. Personally I never got it working, so can't make any adjustments to the video, for example the Color Temp cannot be changed.

Here's an example of what people are posting about it: "I have spent most of my day UHD Graphics 630 testing and paired with the Ubuntu 17.10 base I have tested its stock kernel as well as the vanilla/upstream Linux 4.13.0, Linux 4.14 Git, and DRM-Next kernels. Additionally, both with the Mesa 17.2 stable Vulkan/OpenGL driver stack as shipped by Ubuntu 17.10 and as well with Mesa 17.3-dev Git via the Padoka PPA as of earlier today." Sound fun?

Same thing with Ethernet, didn't work out of the box with Linux, more chipset issues related to these newer CPUs. Never actually bothered to get it working, just plugged in a USB-ethernet adapter to get around it.

Also, this may be specific to my system but the boost and base clock speed was not showing correctly on the Linux version I use, and I had to load the latest version of Ubuntu from Live CD just to see that was ok."

Are these issues resolved?


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With a 9th gen i9, there is no advantage to running an old kernel (4.13) with its drivers and modules. Get a more current distro with a more up to date kernel (5.3 or better). Try a *buntu with a Live/Installer. I'm pretty sure it will run well.


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G'day form DownUnder @Regev and a belated welcome :), also sorry to see your Thread on AMD cf Intel did not get an answer.

I note your Thread on being a writer, and many Linux would fit that bill.

If you are new to Linux, Arch can be a little daunting, but it is DIY insofar as you only add the apps you want. There are other Arch-based Linux such as Manjaro and Arcolinux, Archman &c which are more complete OOTB.

Your call.


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Hey, thanks!
Looking to get my hands dirty :)
In fact the reason I'm moving to Linux is because of the unnecessary bullshit installed on my Mac. I want a clean OS with just what I need - that's why I thought Arch would fit. I learn fast, so I'm not worried =) Thanks for the warm welcome.
Could you shed some light on Intel vs Amd, and specifically if the UHD360 would work no problem?


I have i7-9700, and I see no issues on the newest versions of Ubuntu and Manjaro.
However, the default version of MX Linux does have issues. The devs told me that my Mobo (ASUS Prime B365M-A) is not yet fully supported, and especially the graphics is a problem. They told me to use MX LInux 19.2 AHC (which stands for Advanced Hardware Support). No issues on that version.

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