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Ubuntu 10.04



Where can I download Ubuntu 10.04 from ?
I've searched around the web but can't find anything, the Ubuntu site keeps directing me to 12.04

Reason for wanting the older O/S is my little Asus netbook flew on it I've since upgraded through 11 and now 12.04 and I can only run in recovery mode as my screen is completly black when run normally and the brighness controls have no effect.

If still unsatisfied or want more performance, suggest trying peppermint two

Thanks for that I'll give peppermint2 a try.
I installed 10.04 with no joy, netbook screen is so dark it's impossible to use and the brightness controls don't respond.
Installed Umbuntu 9.50 which boots up ok and screen and brightness controls are all fine but no wireless connection and 9.50 is no longer supported for upgrades.

So at the moment I can either use the netbook using a wired connection to my router or I can use it wireless on 10.04 if I plug it into an external monitor. Both of which of course defeat the purpose of having a netbook !
What model netbook are you using?

It's an Asus Eeepc 1001P originally came with Windows 7 starter, ran fine on Ubuntu 10.04 until I updated it.
I have seen other posts going back 2 years reporting this 'screen brightness' bug changing a kernel supposedly will fix that, but that's a bit beyond my knowledge range.

I'm sadly considering giving up on Linux and going back to using on of Mr Gates O/S
Suggestion -- google rokytnji and ask him before going back to Pane (it's optional, but your choice)!
Have you tried Fn + up arrow and Fn + down arrow? Just a guess.
Finally success ! I've downloaded and installed "Peppermint Three" and after changing the command line as suggested in the link I posted earlier its all working fine, screen brightness can be controlled and I have a wireless connection. Netbook only takes one minute to boot up and even less to shut down :D

I did try Peppermint Two but it would crash every time I tried to enter the code for my internet connection.

Thanks to all that made helpful suggestions, once again I have escaped going back to the dark side.
What about DSL Linux "Damn small linux", the entire OS is 54MB and with being that small, surely it would work great on a netbook?
how can i install omni ORB 4.1.6 on ubuntu ?
using these steps are not helping me out
make install

please help me out ..:(.. its urgent
problem in installin omniorb in ubuntu10.04

hey m newbie in linux can u please please help me out ...i have downloaded omniORB 4.1.6 but i am having problems in installing it
using these steps are not helping me out
make install

its a middleware ...and i have to use this in my project so please can u tell me the steps to install it on ubuntu 10.04
tried synaptic manager too ..and software centre also but of no use

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