Thread for external Speaker options in Ubuntu/Linux: what have you tried and what has worked for others?


Mar 31, 2021
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Hey everyone, posting this because I was wondering if there was something I could plug into my USB slot that will work automatically. What type of thing are we looking for? Do any speakers have chip sets that are automatically compatible with a linux operating system? Just post your experiences on what has and hasn't worked, just hoping to gather information to better understand this as a whole...

I'm currently using, with my mini-ITX build, bluetooth speakers. It works fine but it's kinda annoying: I have to fallow a specific protocol in order for it to work: 1) click bluetooth button on the speaker, 2) go into settings and turn on the connection for the device, if I do any part of the process wrong then the speakers won't work and i have to reboot. Also, if you want to use bluetooth speakers with a desktop, then it helps to plug in your Wifi antenna because Wifi and Bluetooth use the same frequency by default, and since this does work (when i disconnect the antenna, the audio starts getting more choppy automatically) then the wifi/bluetooth signal probably uses the exact same adapter...

I cannot use the default audio jack for the case because there is no slot for the HD Audio cable in the motherboard, it's one of these:
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