The best linux Distro for a Intel Celeron n3050?


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No problems with it at all.
Not so, folks.

(Wizard appears in a puff of smoke, bearing 2 stone tablets - one with good news, the other with bad news. Drops one of the tablets - oh well, can't read them anyway, they are in Hebrew)

Jerry Bezencon, maker of Linux Lite, has long had a hate relationship with UEFI and refused to build support into his releases. All but one must be installed under MBR conditions.

The one is called


Timeshift came in installed with the start of the 4.x series, which also marked the end of 32-bit support.

They also have a good simple tutorial on it in their Manual, or you can read my Thread here

If you use any else of the 4.x series, to be more advanced, while it has to be installed under Legacy, it can nevertheless run easily once you switch back to UEFI.

You can get the UEFI version still (I have had it since it came out) from here

... click the red and white UEFI logo from there and also note the SHA256.


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