statd failed



I need to connect to the NFS server, but service nfs-common is not running. Portmap running.
When i'm trying to mount filesystem:

mount /home/mykola/nfs
mount.nfs: rpc.statd is not running but is required for remote locking.
mount.nfs: Either use '-o nolock' to keep locks local, or start statd.
mount.nfs: an incorrect mount option was specified

When i'm trying to run nfs-common:
service nfs-common start
Starting NFS common utilities: statd failed!

in syslog:
Laptop rpc.statd[2696]: Version 1.2.2 starting
Laptop sm-notify[2698]: Version 1.2.2 starting
Laptop sm-notify[2698]: Already notifying clients; Exiting!
Laptop rpc.statd[2696]: unable to register (statd, 1, udp).

I'm using Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 as a client.
Is there any suggestions?

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