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slax is a basic OS and may be a start for those that like small steps to get into Linux.

Go to shim to the bottom and look for the three download links. i'm on 64 bit so i downloaded the 64 bit iso.

The good thing about slax is you can install without any dd if=/ of =/ stuff

Just get any normal fat32 usb stick.

Use winRAR or try right click on iso. You need to get out the slax directory from the iso; which you will just drop and drag onto the usb stick.

After you have dropped and dragged, navigate to slax/boot directory and click click on the bootinst.bat



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that will set up boot stuff ,then its just a question of booting from the stick. Slax is basic but you can use :

$apt search <pkgname>
$apt install <pkgname>
$apt search screengrab
$apt install screengrab
I did that to take the screen shot above .I'm pretty sure you can install gparted so it might be a simple os with some useful tools

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