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.seto Ransomware


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Hey guys

i'm new on Linux

my files on Windows 10 was encrypted with .seto extension and i have some encrypted pictures on USB and can i decrypt them? and if it's possible how?


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Your best bet is Emsisoft

This is a new list of offline keys

0156: .gero
0157: .hese
0159: .seto
0160: .peta
0161: .moka
162: .meds
0163: .kvag
0164: .domn
0165: .karl
0166: .nesa
0168: .noos
0169: .kuub
0170: .reco
0171: .bora
0173: .nols
0174: .werd
0175: .coot
0176: .derp
0178: .meka
0179: .toec
0180: .mosk
0181: .lokf
0182: .peet
0183: .grod
0184: .mbed
0185: .kodg
0186: .zobm
0188: .msop
0189: .hets

When you start using the Emsisoft decrypter, if the result tab only shows starting and nothing else....
That means the decryptor is not finding any actual encrypted files in the folder(s) you selected. It looks for the filemarker left at the end of the file by this specific ransomware family

If you happen to find the public key, you are still out of luck. It still cannot be broken....unless you have a quantum computer handy.

WHEN were your pics encrypted ?


Be aware that linux.org does not get involved with decryption....simply because there is little to no ransomware aimed at Linux.

How many pics do you have on the usb ?

Are you prepared to Pay for them ?

Are you prepared to lose them ?

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