server serving text pages instead of html

David Cullins

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Running Linux Debian 9

Our new server just started is serving pages back as text or code ( in the case of perl scripts )
and not serving the pages as html. all pages were served for years under our old server.
apache does have a ForeType text/plain which ran fine under the old server.
All perl scripts pring Content-type text/html\n\n prior to printing any HtML.
for years we have been using Sublime editor which is a text only editor.

screen shots included.

Please advise.



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maybe you need the right perl modules

check on old server which perl packages installed with "dpkg --get-selections | grep perl" as root


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Your server is serving script content instead of executing the script.
You need to install Apache CGI module and Perl CGI module. You will probably need to update you Apache configuration accordingly.

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