Segmentation fault after git clone in chroot


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Hello together,

at the moment I have a problem with the git clone command after the chroot in my archlinux arm image.
My steps:
- I created a file image for my raspberry (fallocate)
- setup this image as loopback device
- format and mount the loopback device
- install the archlinux base system at the loopback device
- get a working network inside the chroot (fix resolv.conf)
- allow to execute arm executables on a x86_64 system (qemu-arm-static)
- chroot into the image (sudo chroot /mnt /usr/bin/bash)
=> that works fine! I can install all nessessary programs with pacman.

But If I try to clone a git repository then at first the clone seems to work, but at the end of the git clone command there is an error:
segmentation fault (core dumped).
So the git clone command fails!

Have you any idea where the problem could be?
=> there is enough "disk space" on the image left!

Thank you!

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