see file details when right clicking (example, for mp4)


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hello all,

I'm in Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia.

I'm trying to just right click on an mp4 file to see the details, such as Frame width, frame height, frame rate, all that stuff. On my Windows machine I used to have, I recall that when I'd right click on it, it would allow me to go to "properties", and then "Details" to see all these things.

but now when I right-click to properties, it just shows total file size, last time it was updated, and just more basic things like that.

do any of you know if i'm missing anything?

thank you!! linux rocks!!


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Unfortunately, this is not a Linux thing. It depends on the file manager, eg: Nsutilus, Thunar, et al. Can you tell us what you're using? If you don't know, check the "about" menu item.
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