Script to auto install fonts

A good time to learn about the man pages (built-in help manuals). At a terminal, enter man fc-cache and it will give you instructions about usage, options, and usually examples. With fc-cache, it also names some similar commands, such as fc-list. That will generate a lot of output (because there a lot of fonts!) and so you might want to capture the full list into a file, like this:
fc-list > /home/jonatec/Desktop/myfonts.txt
Change the user name above if not the same as your user name here on the forum. This should give you a text file on your desktop that lists all the fonts in the common font location (not your private collection).

Same method as with truetype, but into a different folder. Copy your OTF files to: /user/share/fonts/opentype/ ... then run fc-cache -f -v as before.

You might also open up your Start Menu and begin typing "fonts".... there should be one or two apps that will provide some info about installed fonts.
man pages - very interesting, you've opened up a new vista, loving Linux!

Lot of info to chew over, thanks again !!!

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