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Apr 30, 2017
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for those who knew and used the 'take a screenshot' feature which was placed in Firefox's page actions.

Page actions was/is the three little horizontal dots located in the toolbar...or sometimes just inside the address bar

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In previous Firefox versions you would click on those three dots (page actions) and select 'take a screenshot' from the drop down.

In Firefox 88 this has been changed/discontinued).

Instead, choose a spot on a site/webpage, where there is no hyperlink, right click, and choose 'take screenshot' from the dropdown.

You are then able to drag or click on a page to select a esc to cancel

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Or, you can choose to customise the browser by right clicking in the toolbar and choosing 'customise toolbar'......locate the 'take a screenshot; icon and drag it to a spot on the toolbar that suits you....then click on 'Done" to close that toolbar icons window.

left click on the icon and follow the prompts

Just a little tip to make life easier/simpler

Nice tip, Brian - I have pinned this for the time being while the "customers" are getting used to the new FF.

Thanks for sharing :)

Sounds like Mozilla have too much free time on their hands... This option seems rather pointless to me. GeForce Experience has a screenshot function, Windows itself has one, Linux has at least 3 programs I can think of that can take a screenshot (one of those's source was slightly changed by me), so having this option in the browser is quite pointless, even useless.
Do you go looking for old posts to criticise, mate

get a life.

I'll unpin this Thread now, but over 1,000 have viewed this, Brian, so I expect 990 maybe are happy to know the option. :) Thanks for sharing.

Avagudweegend all - you too, Rado

I never knew Firefox had screenshot functionality built in.
For screenshots, I’ve always used a custom key bind with a script I write that uses scrot.
Then if required, I’ll fire up gimp to edit the screenshot!

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