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for those who knew and used the 'take a screenshot' feature which was placed in Firefox's page actions.

Page actions was/is the three little horizontal dots located in the toolbar...or sometimes just inside the address bar

Screenshot from 2021-05-01 14-28-11.png


In previous Firefox versions you would click on those three dots (page actions) and select 'take a screenshot' from the drop down.

In Firefox 88 this has been changed/discontinued).

Instead, choose a spot on a site/webpage, where there is no hyperlink, right click, and choose 'take screenshot' from the dropdown.

You are then able to drag or click on a page to select a esc to cancel

Screenshot from 2021-05-01 14-26-14.png

Or, you can choose to customise the browser by right clicking in the toolbar and choosing 'customise toolbar'......locate the 'take a screenshot; icon and drag it to a spot on the toolbar that suits you....then click on 'Done" to close that toolbar icons window.

left click on the icon and follow the prompts

Just a little tip to make life easier/simpler


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Nice tip, Brian - I have pinned this for the time being while the "customers" are getting used to the new FF.

Thanks for sharing :)

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