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Hi all,

We currently have a Debian OS with Samba installed as a file server. This is connected to our windows based domain.

We use samba for shared areas for our network and these are mapped using group policy to the windows clients.

We also use samba to store the redirected homedrive folders for our users.

At around about 2:15 yesterday I had some reports that users mydocuments were empty and that they could not access the shares. I logged onto the server and checked that the documents were safe and they are still there no problem. When a user tried to browse to one of the shares, a Username and Password prompt appeared. Entering any credentials into this caused an Access is Denied message.

The only thing I have done since is to restart the samba service. When you try and browse the shares now the following message is received; "You might not have permission to use this network resource. The specified network name is not available."

My level of Linux is beginner at best as all of this was set up for us by the deployment team. We're very lucky it is the school holidays and we can have some time to correct this.

I have attached some more of the stranger looking logs to this post. Any help is much appreciated.



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Did the users recently change their passwords? I haven't dealt with administrating samba for over 6+ years. But I remember issues with users accessing their shares if they recently changed their windows password. If they did, have them try to use their old password. When I was involved with samba authentication, the files resided on the unix host and the users would need to have their passwords updated on the samba server.

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