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Running two operating systems (solved)

Discussion in 'Desktop / X' started by Teriuox, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Teriuox

    Teriuox Guest


    I currently use Win 10 and planning to install Ubuntu, is it possible to run both operating systems at the same time but on two different monitors?

    My RAM: 16GB
    Processor: i7 4790

    If there is anything I can post about my specs let me know

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  2. atanere

    atanere Guest

    You can run both at the same time by installing VirtualBox (free) in Windows 10, and then load Ubuntu as a virtual machine. You can have more than one virtual machine too, if you'd want to try out other Linux distros as well. You may or may not be able to get each system on separate monitors, but it might take some advanced tricks to accomplish (which I cannot help with). Good luck.
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  3. Teriuox

    Teriuox Guest

    Thanks Atanere, I will stick with using Ubuntu on a SSD and I will pass on the Virtual machine but I am planning to use a virtual machine as a server.

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