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Running Fedora 16 now..

Discussion in 'Desktop / X' started by Rob, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Rob

    Rob Guest

    So I updated my work desktop from Ubuntu 10.x to 11.10.. it choked on something and was really not happy starting X.. I had another drive in this box so I booted off an older fedora install on that, downloaded f16, burned it to a cd and installed it.

    Loving gnome 3.

    I'm really a red hat / centos / fedora guy... so I did kind of feel /dirty/ using ubuntu on my work pc.

    Anyway, if you're on the fence.. do it.

    BTW, here's a nice cheat-sheet showing some keyboard shortcuts: http://live.gnome.org/GnomeShell/CheatSheet

  2. ryran

    ryran Guest

    Thanks! I didn't know about lg, Alt-`, or Ctrl-Shift-Alt-R! I also had no idea that I didn't need an extension to get the shut down menu. (I think that was a poor choice on the part of the devs though.)

    I'm also a Fedora guy who is loving Gnome Shell as well, though I kinda took a pass on Gnome for Fedora 15.

    My favorite extension is https://github.com/paradoxxxzero/gnome-shell-system-monitor-applet, but I couldn't hang without the rest of my extensions.
  3. Alchemyst

    Alchemyst Guest

    Running Fedora 16

    I am running fedora 16 and i'm confused on how to get the wireless to work on it. I just have been tinkering with linux off and on and I keep going back to ubuntu since the wireless works off the bat any detailed help would be appreciated.
  4. carbon333

    carbon333 Guest

    Perhaps you should start a new thread with more details (what wifi card?).
  5. Akendo

    Akendo Guest

    Some more information would be nice. Anyhow, Gnome 3.2 is very nice. But there still some weaknesses. Did you check out https://extensions.gnome.org ?
  6. Smokey

    Smokey Guest

    I might give Fedora 16 a try when I can. I was always curious about Fedora. It sure does look like a really good distro. :)
  7. Jamsers

    Jamsers Guest

    Fedora sounds good. I actually trust Gnome 3 more than Unity. The concept for the interface seems better and it seems as if most problems with Gnome 3 aren't about bugs but about the usability of the interface itself, which I will have no problem with, since I'm an extremely adaptable person.

    Definitely gonna give Fedora a shot. Thanks!
  8. mrnothersan

    mrnothersan Guest

    I've never used Fedora, but it looks like a good Operating System to use and I'll probably use it in the future
  9. Rob

    Rob Guest

    I'm using the Cinnamon desktop now on Fedora btw.. love it!
  10. wjack2010

    wjack2010 Guest

    I've only very briefly tried any Fedora version and the only thing I really noticed about it was, the look. The look and appearance is brilliant compared to that of other Linux Distributions.
  11. lanlanlangzi

    lanlanlangzi Guest

    It is very useful for me ,because I am working in the fedora 16,thanks.

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