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resolv.conf again only now encrypted??

Discussion in 'Ubuntu' started by specops, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. specops

    specops Guest

    My laptop rebooted due to windows update so I lost vmware linux. Brought it up tonight and ggrrr I have to edit resolvconf/resolve.conf.d/head again! It didnt save this time. Looks like dhcp is trying to feed it an address....
    Anyways when I try to edit that file, it now wants me to enter an encryption key. Logged on as root and tried to edit and same thing. Entered root pw, same thing. If I dont enter encryption key that it wants, it will put me back into the head file and not save.
    I didnt encrypt the file (or any file), and only thing that changed was I installed kde desktop, updated Ubuntu itself, and changed the head file before windows update rebooted my entire laptop as I slept. (Talk about waking up to a nightmare:) :) :)

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  2. Try to type the command: chattr -i /etc/resolv.conf

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