[REPOST cuz i didnt get any answer] cant login into linux

ok sounds good - fixed basically

couple of things maybe on the 2 do list ? your choice

I'm pretty sure kali has timeshift in repo, I prefer to run kali live with persistence from a usb
meaning i can use and still install stuff, mainly due to lack of hard drive space. I'm sure i saw Timeshift in kali repo

Maybe have a look ta putting rEFInd onto a usb stick. if your system is uefi which i deduce it is then you can use that to can boot Windows and kali; i 've tested on wifes Windows 10 and on my laptop running Slackware. Works in both cases. make sure you have a maybe general Debian based live OS to use when things go wrong ? Maybe something like Debian Buster. You can also have persistence with that ,so you can add photorec etc or any other tools that might come in handy
thats a good idea imma do that

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