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Hi im making a game but deleted it, instead of the 2 week old backup. I need to recover it. So i turned off the computer asap. Bought new SSD, made a live usb stick with linux caine. And tried to clone the old ssd but nothing happened.

I made "sdc1" (the new drive) writeable and kept sda1 (the evidence) on status: none.

The cloning operation lasts 30 minutes but as u can see in the picture, sdc1 is still empty

What did i wrong?


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try photrec from testdisc

you can install from most repo including liveOS . If you had deleted it on said OS and then cloned that said OS where it had been deleted would you expect it to be there ? Since i think you would be cloning the post delete sate of the disk.

You can recover from from original HD using photorec launched from live OS from booted usb
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