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RDP into your Linux Desktop

Discussion in 'Desktop / X' started by Kirk, Oct 28, 2011.


How do you access Linux box remotely?

  1. RDP

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  2. VNC

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  3. SSH

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  4. Other

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  5. I didn't know I could

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  1. BVB Media

    BVB Media Guest

    yum install xrdp -y is not enough. You also need to run:

    yum -y install tigervnc-server
  2. Just wanted to let folks know that the new EPEL 6 link to update the package manager in order to yum install xrdp is the following. Sorry it's not in cut and paste form, I don't have enough points in this forum to post a regular link. So just add '/' in where there are spaces.

     dl fedoraproject org slash pub slash epel slash 6 slash x86_64 slash epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm
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  3. dl/fedoraproject/org/pub/epel/6/x86_64/epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm

    Thanks @Michael Steele!


    That makes since. Duh.
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  4. Opps, when I wrote that I couldn't submit, so never updated my directions. Now replace the WORDS with appropriate punctuation.
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  5. wsquix58

    wsquix58 Guest

    After trying to work with Linux Remote Desktops across a WAN with typical latency of around 100mSec I hit my frustration threshold. I had 3 options:
    1. Put up with the poor performance, and the resulting hair loss,
    2. Find a suitable Linux Remote Desktop Solution, or
    3. Find a workaround.
    Options 1 and 2 were no go so "workaround" it was. I run an Amazon small instance Windows Host as an RDP jump box that I use to then connect to Linux Remote Desktops within my Amazon Virtual Private Lan. I can RDP from any remote Windows desktop or MAC with an RDP client from "anywhere" and then run an X Windows server on the Windows host to get to my Linux Desktops, and I'm happy as I have best of both worlds. On the Windows Jump box you need: An X-Server (E.g. MobaXterm works nicely and is reliable and there is commercial support if you need that), SSH Client to run X over SSH, which you should (E.g. Putty), Public Private Key-pair if you want to use SSH RSA Authentication, an SFTP client (Not essential but handy, putty sftp), a key-pair generator see putty tools, and your ready to go. The beauty of it is, since I've not blocked SSH remote access to the Linux boxes, I can still ssh to those if I'm somewhere without a Windows desktop or don't have an RDP client installed (rare), or I don't need a Linux Desktop. You don't need to use SSH RSA Authentication but it is advisable. Don't put a password on your private key unless your security policy require you to do so.

    Hope this is useful to someone.
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  6. Jon Earle

    Jon Earle Guest

    I wanted to try this today to access my CentOS 5.4 dev box and at first it didn't work. Then I found another post which suggested to check the firewall settings and enable access to TCP ports 3389 and 3350. Once I did that and restarted the firewall, the RDP worked beautifully!

    Previously, I had someone setup a vnc server for me to remotely access the box, but the resolution was limited (not my screen res). Once I logged in via RDP, I have a fullscreen desktop! I don't know how or if the existing VNC server plays a part in this - I can still login via that mode and see the desktop that is running there, but, going forward, I will be using this!

    Thank you so much!

    Link here (I cannot insert a link, so munging it for reference) wwwDOTSEPlinuxquestionsDOTSEPorg/questions/linux-software-2/can%27t-connect-to-centos-server-using-xrdp-4175463419/

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