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hey, I am using win7 on my laptop (Lenovo Y470 I7 64bit). I'd like to install a debian, and I've burned a dvd with a debian image, when I ran the dvd, there was an error box "Unable to find "system Partition," assuming that it is the same as boot partition (C: )", what should I do?
Can I use both win7 and debian simultaneously?



Sorry for this late reply. Yes, you can have Win7 and Debian installed on the same computer and boot either one when the computer starts.

I am not sure exactly what is giving you this error, but can you tell me at which point you get the error? Durring install or boot?

It is not uncommon for your DVD burner to make a bad burn. If you change your settings to make it burn at the lowest possible setting, the chances of a failed burn are reduced.

Also, the iso image that you have could be corupted. You can find the checksum for the iso at the same place that you originally downloaded it and install a checksum has checker. Then compare the checksum from the download site to the one of the iso. If they don't match, then you have a bad iso file and must download it again.

Hope this helps.
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