QT C++ Code from 32 Bit to 64 Bit and Sound card


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I have inhereted a problem for which I need some help and would also be willing to hire a consultant to resolve the same.

The existing system.
Purpose : Media Play back machine for encrypted content
OS : 32 Bit machine with Lubuntu 13. Addtionally I was told that they removed a lot of packages to make it light

Coding Language : QT C++

Sound Card : Asus Xonar DSX .

The exisiting system is antiquated so we decided to upgrade it.
1) Any new system we buy it is 64 Bit
2) We tried buying Asus current sound card Xonar SE but unable to find Linux drivers

We tried running the DD(Image File) on the new 64 Bit machine (Gigabyte H370 HD3) it installed successfully but when we run the program does not go forward we just a black screen. Also it has a onboard sound card for which we need linux drivers.

So my question is how can I port my 32 Bit QT-C++ code to 64 Bit machine and also make the sound card work.
I do have a developer who is working on the code for QT-C++ but is not familiar with the OS stuff

Thanks for your help

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