Possible to put Linux on old Motorola XOOM MZ604 Tablet?


Jul 7, 2021
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I have a Motorola XOOM MZ604 tablet. I bought it in 2012... Motorola Xoom Specs

I used it for a long time even after there were no more updates and it was discontinued. I extended its use but switching out the OS for Omni-rom. (Using big part pertation and rooting it.)

That was till about 2020.... It is so old now google play store and such keep bringing up app stopped working error wait or force quit.. Very annoying...

Now it just sitting in the cupboard gathering dust.... I recently switched to Linux mint and Debian 12 on my desktops and laptops (2 each.)

I was wondering... Could I put some type of Linux destro on my old Xomm tablet? It would be nice to see it run again.... Even if it was a slim down distro... as it only has 1 gb ram and 28 gig sd space (If I remember.)

Having it run just about anything would be cool... I'd like to do it for mostly shits and gigles and to see how far I could push it....I'd mostly use it to watch mkv/mp4/mp3 videos I have, or read PDFs/EPUBs.

Web surfing would be a bonus if I could get that to work (doubt it though.)

I did come across some old 2012 post of putting on Linux of XDA forum. But I do not want to do chroot/vnc. But replace OS with Linux one. Can be done? Just thought I'd ask...

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