openSUSE Qt5: QtWidgets: No Such File Or Directory.....? :3


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May 16, 2017
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Hello everyone!..... ^^ I had ungodly amounts of Mountain Dew today, and I decided to take a crack at compiling JasKinasis' Qt Programs under openSUSE, which I just installed last night..... :) What Package/step am I missing.....? :< I tried: qmake -project; qmake; make; , and I even did EXACTLY what Jas said to do in his tutorial, just to be sure I got it right..... :\ Neither process (pun intended :)) worked, so here I am..... :) Any ideas, guys.....? :3 It works under Lubuntu..... :3 Thank you SO much for any help..... :3 I really appreciate it..... :)

Hiya Blackie :p

I haven't read through Jas's Tute yet, but if we slip in an @JasKinasis it might draw his attention here :D

Do you have any output from errors, and/or screenshots you can show us?

I don't have an OpenSUSE on board at the moment, but that is RPM-based, where Jas works mostly from a Debian environment, I do not know if that has any bearing on it.

We'll see what he says, but if you can get that stuff together that would be cool.

Chris Turner
From the looks of it, you are probably missing some of the QT development libraries.

I haven't used any RPM based distros for a number of years now, so offhand - I don't know what QT5 development packages are available for Suse.

You'll need whichever one provides the QTWidgets library.

I'm glad you got the tutorial code working on Lubuntu though!