Of all the Windows Feature I Don't Wanna Give Up...

I have no desktop effects active, very easy to setup... But I do have a close layout / plasma style like macOS ! :)

kde can give you the same sort of nausea that you get on boats, with its bouncing wigets
You mean the start indicator that shows the icon of the app you just launched bouncing on the desktop telling you that it's been effectively launched? That can be disabled in System Settings > Personalization > Applications > Launch Feedback, you can set it to No notification effect, Static, Blinking or Elastic (my system's in Spanish, so wording might be different) in fact, you can have KDE with no effects at all. Just launch system settings and disable all of them. KDE is more than just some pretty effects, and I find it very customizable and useful if you're used to working with the keyboard as you can assign a hotkey to pretty much every single action you can think of; from launching an app to restarting the machine, and this is possible because of kwin, which IMHO is one of the best windows managers a desktop environment(and user)can ask for.
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