Solved Observation: Blinking Monitor and Network Speed

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May 8, 2021
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I guess this could also be posted in hardware. Networking seems to be more relavent to me.

First a little info that will explain my reasoning...

  • I live far out in the country. My best internet option is tethering with a dedicated phone. During certain times of the day my connection can be spotty, especially streaming video. Streaming videos is bad. IPTV is impossible no matter what the time is.
  • After I started using my VPN, I can watch 4K video and IPTV with not problems what so ever. The VPN dramatically increases my internet speed.
  • I have a semi high-performance monitor it . I finally started using Linux after my ASUS got sick and ended up in the hospital. In the mean time, I'm using this average performance laptop with an integrated video card.
  • I never used my monitor with this laptop before installing Linux. Since the day I started using Linux, I've had issues with my monitor blinking out if I'm on the internet, especially if I'm watching videos or IPTV.
  • This morning I installed the browser extension for my VPN.
  • I've been on my computer all day watching IPTV and browsing the internet. The time of day that my connection is slowest has come and gone. My monitor hasn't blinked out once today.
One day is hardly enough time to assume that my connection speed has anything to do with my monitor blinking out, at least for me. I don't have enough understanding to make that decision. I do think it's interesting. My connection speed the one my most important reasons I keep my VPN. I'm not ready to address it yet, but I'm also having DNS leaks, A LOT. I know that affects connection my speeds on Windows, even with a VPN. After I finish up some other things, changing network settings is high on my list of things to do.

I'm going to keep watching this. Whether this problem continues or not, I"m going come back to this thread to leave an update.

I'm sure someone here will probably know why this is. I have my ideas, but I have limitted knowledge about networking.

I said I would keep an eye on this problem.
I have concluded that internet speed does NOT have any impact on the functioning of my monitor. It was pure coincidence.

If/or when you are happy with the outcome, you can mark this as solved, from your first post.



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