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Hi everyone :) , I'm thinking about getting linux to save some Money and cuzz i hear that people say Linux is awesome for gaming. and I also do not know what kind of linux that I should get! And want to know if linux have good protection and yeah general facts about how to stay safe and don't screw anything up. I also want to know if i can install Linux with a flash drive ? :I // I'm so sry for my bad eng... but hope you can understand me anyway

Welcome Goofy!

I'm not a gamer, so I know little about that. The Steam game company started releasing some of their titles for Linux platforms a couple of years ago, and you might enjoy those. I think they favor the Ubuntu distribution of Linux, but others may work as well.

Linux is generally safe from viruses, and it's pretty safe against other attacks too. But nothing is totally fool-proof, so you still have to be a little careful online. You probably will screw some things up sometimes... that helps you to learn. Keep backups of the things most important to you on the computer that you use to experiment with Linux.

Not only can you install Linux from a flash drive, you can totally run Linux from a flash drive and not install it to your computer at all. This is a great way to experiment without making any changes to your computer until you are ready. After downloading the Linux .iso file that you want to use, you can make a bootable flash drive using several different methods. Here are a couple of sites that can help you:

For Linux, Mac, or Windows:

and another if you're using Windows:

Good luck!
Oh thank you! :) I will store all important files in a usb flash drive then. But when im going to download like drivers for my parts in the computer and stuff will it be the same or is it something you have to do in linux
This is one reason it's nice to try out a few different Linux distros... install them on your boot flash drive (not the same flash drive where you store your important files!). Trying different distros will let you see which one appeals to you most visually, but it also lets you know which ones support your hardware the best. With luck, you won't have to download any special drivers to make anything work. Linux Mint is especially good at providing proprietary drivers when you install it. Other distros sometimes have an app to help you install other drivers, if needed. And sometimes it can be harder.

So just try something out and see where you're at!

Yes, linux is quite good, But best for servers right?
Yes, linux is quite good, But best for servers right?
Linux can be used for servers, and should be over Microsoft servers wherever possible.

It also can be used as a replacement for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or any other personal computer O/S. I use it on my laptop, and desktop computers, as well as carrying several Live-C/Ds for maintenance or Malware detection and removal, when working on other people's Windows computers.

The only real difference between a Linux "Server" and a Linux "Workstation" are the applications installed. A single home Linux desktop computer could easily be used as personal computer at home, as well as a server for home use by other computers, and for remote access through SSH!

Your Android Smartphones, and tablets are using a modified version of Linux. Other devices such as routers, DVR's and many other devices, are also use embedded Linux! Even your car!

Hope this helps! ;^)
Welcome to the community.

I play Steam games almost exclusively on Linux. For example I just got Borderlands 2.

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