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Hello All,

I'm poorguy.

My adventure with Linux began in 2014 prior to Windows XP EOL and figured I'd see what Linux was about and gave Debian Wheezy a try.

I learned a lot about Linux using Debian Wheezy and discovered how easy it was to navigate and was able to do most everything I used Windows XP for with very few exceptions.

I tried several different Linux Distros and found a home with Ubuntu 14.04 although tried several other Linux Distros over the years.

I decided that the mainstream flagships were the way to go as they offered the LTS and seemed to work well for what I used my computer for.

I played around with Puppy Linux and Antix Linux although those always required more hands on then I was willing to give them.

I use old desktop computers that others have discarded and I upgrade them from spare parts I have on hand or parts from purchased cheaply off Ebay.

I'm in my middle sixties and retired and life is good.

Glad to meet you.

poorguy :)


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Hey @poorguy , you are in good company, here, welcome :)

(Wizard appears in a puff of smoke, trips over an IBM clone, realises it was his first PC, looks longingly at it then turns it into a Samsung J5)

We have had many, many members joining last 9 months or so, aged 55 - 75, more power to us Seniors (I will be 61 in a few weeks).

2014 was when I finally gave away using the Windozer (Win 7) and embraced a totally Linux lifestyle, haven't looked back. :p I had dabbled a little with it since 2011.

I run 43 Linux on one laptop, and have installed maybe 12 of the suckers over the last few years, so don't hesitate to start a thread in the appropriate Forum and ask questions, or else share your knowledge with us. I see you are already active elsewhere, so I'll swing by and take a look.


Chris Turner
wizardfromoz - that's DownUnder

Hang about ... a little birdie just told me welcome doubly, you'll like it here, I think? Imagine me being a Mod, just happened last cuppla days :D:D

Deleted member 35560

Already said Hi elsewhere, but hi again always good to have another on board - I settled for Mint because I just wanted something that worked and it does and I don't have to bother too much about it. Look forward to your contributions here


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Hello Chris,

Thanks for the welcome and glad to be here.
I don't know anyone who runs as many Linux Distros as you so not a surprise that you are a moderator.

I'm not 100% Windows free because I run Microsoft Flight Simulator X and X-Plane Flight Simulator so Windows XP is what those run with.

I've tried Linux Flight Gear although not the same as what I'm used to although I'm planning on going back and giving it a look at again.

The Windows XP computers I used stay disconnected from the internet.

Thanks for the welcome.

poorguy :)


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Hey ptahhotep,

Thanks for the welcome.

Yep I agree Linux Mint pretty much takes care of its self from my experience.
Like you I just want something to work and Linux Mint 19 works great for me.

Thanks again for the welcome.

poorguy :)


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I'm in my middle sixties and retired and life is good.
Another quick hello from me to say welcome! I am SO looking forward to the retirement gig... count down now under 11 months. But my wife is more concerned: she's been told already that she will have twice the husband and half the income. She doesn't seem happy!?!? :eek::D:D



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Hello atanere,

Yep retirement is a good thing although you have to go the phases of getting use to it.
My wife was really good at helping me as she had me doing all kinds of stuff until I put the brakes on.
Pretty smooth sailing nowadays we both do what we want and that keeps life good.

poorguy :)

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