Need non-privileged user to be able to bind port 80 . . .



For the web access portion of an IRC server, the packages are owned and started by a non-priveleged user. I need it to be able to bind port 80 to listen for incoming connections. Can this be done somehow, either by starting the process as a privileged user then maybe disowning it, or can it possibly be done by port redirection from port 80 to a registered port?

Or is there something else I'm overlooking?



Only root can bind to ports lower than 1024. Depending on what you are doing, maybe start the web server on 8080 and if you are behind a firewall, do port translation from 8080 to 80 on your web server. If you aren't in a position to do PAT, just link to your web page(s) with 8080 in the link.

I'm not sure what your ultimate goal is here, but with the info I have to work with from your post, that would be my first idea...
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