Need Help with Audio Drivers on ALLDOCUBE Vbook 13.5" N3450 Running Linux Cinnamon


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May 23, 2024
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Hello everyone,

I recently switched from Windows to Linux Cinnamon on my ALLDOCUBE Vbook 13.5" N3450. While I was able to manage most of the transition smoothly, I am currently facing an issue with the audio not working.

When I had a similar issue on Windows, I downloaded the necessary drivers from the ALLDOCUBE forum. The specific drivers I need can be found at this link:

I tried using Wine to run the .exe file, but unfortunately, it didn't work. Here’s what I’ve done so far:
1. Installed Wine and attempted to run the driver installer.
2. Looked for Linux-specific drivers but couldn't find any that worked.

I am seeking assistance on how to properly install these drivers or find an alternative solution to get the audio working on my Linux setup. If anyone has experience with this laptop model or similar issues, your guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your help!

@F1ysolo welcome to :)

I'll be moving this thread to Linux Audio / Video where it will get better attention from those who know more about sound than I.

I'll ask you a couple of questions, though, answers to which may help others to diagnose and remedy the issue.

1. Id that Linux Mint 21.3 Cinnamon or other?

I am currently facing an issue with the audio not working.

How did you establish that eg trying to play music in your browser, using the sound configuration setting from your system tray including test speakers, or other if so which?

3. If you want to go an extra step, go to my Rock Roxx thread and click on the first video and see if you can hear Pink Floyd, with or without headset on.

If you have not already done so, you should make the acquaintance of Timeshift, Mint's flagship System Restore package. It may be too late now, but it would have been good to take a snapshot of your system before you started adding Wine, other drivers and so on. Certainly take one when the issue is resolved.

Cheers and good luck

Chris Turner
Hello! Thank you for your reply! I have Linux Cinnamon 21.3.
I tried to view the link to test my audio and it is working using my USB headset.
No sound when I tried to use the 3.5mm port.
No sound also when nothing is connected
I haven't tried a bluetooth speaker.


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To see what your audio system is running, if you can run the following command in a terminal and paste the output here in code tags, readers may be able to help with some relevant details on the issue:
lspci -nnk |grep -A3 -i aud

Usually, the first thing to check with a "no sound" problem is to check that the audio system is not muted.
Hi! when I entered the code here is the result.


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Looks like drivers are in place. Next thing worth checking is the volumes and the system default. You can do that by running in a terminal:

Use the right and left arrow keys to navigate through the sliders.
Hit F5 to see basic controls.
Check for muted controls: change MM to 00 by toggling the m key to unmute on each slider.
Use the up and down arrow keys or the Page Up/Page Down keys to control the sliders.
Alternatively use:
End key resets to zero.
Q increases the left channel and Z decreases it.
E increases the right channel, and C decreases it.

To see which is the default sound card run the following command:
aplay -L | grep -i -A2 sysdefault

Further in alsamixer:
Hit F6 to see all sound cards.
If there is more than one, select the correct sound card which is the one from the output of the above command, and press <enter> to see all controls including headphone, surround etc. if they are supported.
Increase volumes to full, unmute if muted.

If the volumes were in fact muted, unmuting would immediately enable sound.

To check on what sound server you are running, run:
amixer info

If you can paste the results here it would be helpful. It's preferable to paste them here in code tags rather than photo images. Do what you can.
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