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Discussion in 'Web Server' started by MustangV10, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. MustangV10

    MustangV10 Guest

    Do you think it's important to have a different IP address for each name server? If so, why? Just curious.

  2. gcawood

    gcawood Guest

    Of course! They need to be on different hardware so they will need to be on different servers. Otherwise there is no point at all in having more than one name server!!!
  3. MustangV10

    MustangV10 Guest

    I see. I've got two different IP addresses for both name servers now. Hopefully it'll be more stable now.
  4. diegosuse

    diegosuse Guest

    May be yes. May be not. We use 2 different ns in the same server. One for inside users and one for outside users. Depends of your needs

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