my favorite desktops

The first step would be to give use a rundown on what your wifi card is. if not sure try this command in a terminal
inxi -Nn
That would be a start.
If Lubunutu is like Ubuntu you may need to install inxi first.
OK, guys. Sorry I took this long to respond. This strep throat is kicking my butt and I had 5 mowers come into my little shop yesterday. I tried working yesterday afternoon and it sucked all the strength out of me. I didn't even get one of those mowers completely diagnosed, let alone repaired. I'm going to start a new thread with the info requested. I don't think we should continue a conversation about me installing Lubuntu here.

I'm a MATE guy, which doesn't have an answer option :)
But I like budgie also. (It doesn't have an answer option either )
I like the way KDE looks, but it takes too many clicks to get where I'm going.