Mutter Locking Refresh Rate to 60hz when 144hz + 60hz Monitors are attached (RX-580)(Ubuntu 18.04LTS)

Gabriel Caddy

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Feb 26, 2019
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I've been trying to switch to Linux for a while and i really like Ubuntu however i've been having issues when it comes to the variation between the my monitors refresh rate, If i have my 60hz panel connected it limits everything bar the cursor to 60hz if i run games in full screen border-less or in windowed mode it limits it to 60hz, and as i'm so acclimatised to 144hz i feels really nasty to use and i'm not going to go out and blow another let's say £200 on another 144hz monitor. From what i've researched it's an issue with mutter however i've only seen it affecting people using Nvidia's propitiatory drivers not AMD, so i can't really find any solutions. I would really appreciate some help otherwise i'm going to have to make the sad shuffle back to windows 10, in terms of my knowledge of Linux, i'm a relative newcomer but have been picking it up pretty quickly so i might not get some of your responses at first.
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