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Which music player works well in Manjaro XFCE?

I inserted a CD of Slim Dusty and Audacious can identify it and play it, but when I click ad audio CD, it just displays file not found message and Clementine doesn't create folders for individual cd's.

Rhythmbox worked very well under Gnome but not in XFCE.

Gnome is very reliable but too heavy for my system, that's why I moved to XFCE.


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I use "Parole" media player and find it to work well when using Xfce Linux distros although can't say how it works in Manjaro.


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I currently use cmus - a terminal based player for playing all of my digital music.
Extremely low resource usage. But cmus doesn't support CD playback.

So I use asunder for ripping tracks from CD and then add it to cmus's library and play via cmus.


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I'm surprised! Whit Audacious under Slackware 14.2 CD is played whitout problems!! If you type dmesg | grep /dev/sr0 what response do you read?

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