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Dale Penney

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Greetings. I just installed the latest it! But heres something I wasnt expecting. I'm still fairly new to Linux, getting used to all the ins and outs as compared to Windows. Windows, copying mp3s to the sd card on your cell phone is a breeze. Here in Linux, Im stuck. HELP!! lol


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Hi Dale and welcome to :)

Which Windows, Mate?

Also, what sort of procedure do you usually use, eg
  • cell cabled to pc, drag and drop
  • bluetooth
  • other?

Chris Turner


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Just a BTW - I am 61, and Stan @atanere is about 12 weeks older than me, so you are in good company. We have Members here aged our age through to late 70s and early 80s :)

Stick around and enjoy your Linux!



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Are we to assume that the sd card is a plug in ?
If it is a plug in card, then the phone is an Android of some description

If so, can you use a card reader, plug the card into it in 'computer' on your pc....drag and drop the files top the card and then reinsert the card in the phone ?


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It sounds like you are missing MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) support.

MTP is the transfer protocol used by Android phones. I'm not sure but you might also need to install something to provide EXFAT support if that is not installed too - to enable writing to the phones micro SD card.

I'm at work at the moment though. I don't have access to Linux here, so offhand I'm not sure exactly which packages you need to install to allow you to transfer your files.

Perhaps open a terminal and try the following commands to track down the appropriate software:
apt search --names-only mtp
apt search --names-only exfat
The output from apt should list some packages. It should also tell you whether any of the listed packages are installed.

I'll have a look later on and see what packages I've got installed and will make some recommendations.

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